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Installation of St.Michael’s Statue & releasing of CD
New Shrine in India!
Installation of St.Michael’s Statue -18th Feb 2014 Madurai.
Installation of St.Michael’s Statue & releasing of CD
New Shrine in India!
Installation of St.Michael’s Statue -18th Feb 2014 Madurai.

Three Contact Points of Schoenstatt

Feature 1

Original Shrine at Germany

The German word "Schoenstatt" consists of two parts: "schoen" - which means lovely, beautiful - and "statt" which means "place." Yes, Schoenstatt is primarily a place from where an international Movement was born. The chapel what you see above is called as the Original Shrine/Mother Shrine/First Shrine, situated in Schoenstatt, in Germany....

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Feature 2

Mother Thrice Admirable

Schoenstatt was found­ed in 1914 when Mary was invited to Acome to dwell@ and make the original chapel in Schoenstatt, Germany a place of grace and pilgrim­age. She was given the title “Mother Thrice Admirable” which was originally used in Ingolstadt, Germany. Fr. Kentenich invited the young sodalists/seminarians to offer themselves to our Lady.

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Feature 3

Founder Fr. Joseph Kentenich

Father Joseph Kentenich is a pallotine priest, who became man with the Mission guided by the Spirit. He grew as a fatherless child, but became a Father to many spiritual children who dedicate themselves to the Blessed Mother of Schoenstatt,Father Joseph Kentenich labored, since 1912, as spiritual director in the Minor Seminary of the Pallottine Fathers.

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kuttur movement updates

My dear Fathers and brothers,

Greetings from Kuttur, shrine. I am very glad to write to you all at the end of this May. In the month of May we remember Our Blessed Mother in a special way. In the last week we had a few rains which brought the temperature little down. Again it has increased and we are hoping for the monsoon soon. Meanwhile the construction of the shrine has progressed. Now the topmost roof work should be concreted. I hope it will happen in these days. In the month of May we had different programmes around the shrine. The atmosphere is becoming very loving due to the visit of many people and i hope our Blessed Mother will draw youthful hearts to this holy place. Thanks for your prayers and supports. I am sending you two pictures. One is the shrine at present and another one is the visit of the fathers.I remember you all here at the shrine.

I wish you all the best and may our MTA guide us through her motherly intercession.

United in the mission of building the shrine at Kuttur,

Fr. Paul Panamkulam

Chennai Youth In the Shadows of Shrine, Madurai

It was after a long time that an exclusive youth meet has been organized in our Campus on 10th and 11th of this May 2014. Around 25 young boys and girls have come with full of joy and eagerness to be in the shadow of this Shrine. Fr. Joachim and Fr. Jose have organized this meeting. Various interesting programs were conducted. A detailed report will be later published. 

Meditation with Fr. Kentenich

“To me it is as if at this moment, here in the old chapel of St. Michael, Our Lady were speaking to us through the mouth of the holy archangel: Do not worry about the fulfillment of your desire. I love those who love me. Prove to me first that you really love me, that you take your resolution seriously. Just now you have the best opportunity to do so.” JK


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